Brazil, 2010

Casa da Cultura

Casa da Cultura, in old Recife, used to be a jail, but has now been turned into a mecca for tourists seeking crafts, clothing, etc. Lots of great stuff!

Evening of Frevo

A performance of Frevo dance and music, held in the courtyard of São Pedro Cathedral in downtown Recife.

Graffiti of Recife

Graffiti seen in old Recife.

Instituto Ricardo Brennand

A privately-owned museum in Recife founded by Ricardo Brennand, son of a wealthy industrialist. Built in the form of a European castle, complete with moat, it contains a huge collection of artwork, as well as one of the world’s largest collections of armoury, from the 14th. to 19th.centuries, and a library of 20,000 books.

Oficina Brennand

An art gallery and workshop operated by the Brazilian sculptor Francisco Brennand, the son of Ricardo Brennand.

Old Recife

Old Recife, or Bairro do Recife, is located on a coastal island in downtown Recife. Teaming with colonial architecture, museums, churches, galleries, shops, market places, restaurants, as well as the first synagogue in the Americas, the Sinagoga Kahal Zur Israel.

People and Places

Various scenes in and around Recife.

Old Friends New Friends

Just some photos of Brazilians, some of whom I met in Toronto and some in Brazil. Lots of concerts, bars and nightclubs in Recife. Lots of great music, of all kinds.


Olinda is a beautiful colonial town just north of the city of Recife. Lots of tourist shops, restaurants, colonial churches, etc.

Parque das Esculturas

A sculpture garden located on a narrow spit of land along the Recife waterfront, with sculptures by the Brazilian artist, Francisco Brennand.

Pernambuco dá Sorte

A lottery held in the state of Pernambuco. These photos depict a trip to award a prize to one of the lottery winners.

The França Collection

Private collection of Brazilian folk art figurines.